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Information for Commissioners and Professionals

Nestlings Care Ltd offer intensive specialist mental health placements. Our in-house mental health team provides a comprehensive care package, including a Responsible Clinician.

Following assessment, a treatment package and placement outcomes will be agreed with external professionals. Regular communication and professionals meetings will be available with both social care and mental health teams in order to allow transparent monitoring of progress by external agencies.

In summary we offer:

  • A bespoke package of care developed to meet the individual’s specific needs.
  • All therapeutic services are provided in house by our specialist mental health team.
  • Experience and expertise of the Specialist Mental health team ensuring reduction in hospital admissions.
  • A seamless transitional service from adolescence to adulthood.
  • Quality assurance through measureable outcomes.
  • 24 hours mental health on-call to provide crisis management.
  • Value for money.

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